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Let’s look at poetry. More than look at it…let’s feel it. If I sit still and try to open to the poetry that wants to move through me today – what does that look like? I got a hit this morning about cracks. The Leonard Cohen line about cracks letting the light in came up and I had this image of myself, looking at myself in a mirror. On the one side I was me and on the other side I was reflection but both were “real”, both are me. The reflection me is run through with cracks – obviously the mirror, and I, are broken into a lot of little tiny pieces and while that is scary, in this image they are letting the light in. In fact, the cracks are glowing golden with light. Some cracks are bigger – more ragged – more wanting of attention and I find myself wanting to attend to them now – to fix them…but I know that is not really the work and that if I focus on one crack I will not bring real healing. In fact, if I focus too long, other cracks will widen and threaten. I have to step back. I have to take in the whole. I want to wrap my arms around the reflection – not to hold it together in some crack-fixing kind of way, but to let it fill me with its golden light. And so I do and when I do I am slammed with sound/sensation; a thousand thoughts, feelings, experiences, images, colors, songs, shapes and movements pour into me and I know I am holding my own beauty. I am holding the beauty of what has been broken and yet continues to thrive. I am learning that the little pieces still come together in a blazing mosaic of wholeness and I am shining into that.

In the beginning,
she was.
She slept, sighed
and dreamed the stars.
Then yawning,
she stretched
and caught, in her eye’s corner,
the flash of herself.
The curved black mirror
that we name space
smiled back at her
and she knew love
and the throb of desire.

Ages pass
and I was.
I slept, sighed
and dreamed my stars.
The curved clear mirror
that I name life
is shaped of breath
and light-giving cracks.
I catch a flash of myself
in my eye’s center
and know the cacophony
of being
and of daring to see.

Within the wholeness of a sparkle
are a thousand silver shards.


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Jan. 6th, 2011 08:16 pm (UTC)
Jan. 6th, 2011 08:58 pm (UTC)
so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.
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