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Gotta Have A Gimmick...

A while back I met a buddy for drinks at an Irish pub. Over cocktails, we ran into a mutual friend and the three of us randomly came upon the subject of blogging. As it turns out, each of us has a blog (though only one of us was writing actively at that time). My own blogging had been rare since the death of my father but I was interested in contributing to the conversation. I mean I've blogged, right? I have something to say on this topic, right?

Apparently not.

Apparently in our evolving world, blogging (like everything else) has become its own sub-culture who's agenda is depressingly familiar. Apparently, it may not be enough to simply blog; to push one's edges or to build creative discipline through an electronic medium. No, no...we've all seen that movie, "Julie & Julia" and we know that blogging must be about success! A blogger should be concerned with achieving recognition (and ultimately fame). A blogger should be concerned with creating a blog that will become a book, a film, a big fat bank account! If I'm going to blog, I have to be the best! I need to win!! And to win, you gotta have a gimmick.

That's right folks, a GIMMICK!

For example, I've learned that one can blog about anything you can think of involving squirrels. One can blog about cakes that don't quite make it or about playing every Nintendo game ever created until you find a deeper understanding of the meaning of life. Hell, one can even blog about poo.

A common blog gimmick involves making a commitment to achieve a goal within a certain time. Some writers vow to do some task every day like donating to charity or making a new outfit with little or no money. But what if I do not have time to sew an entire dress every day or to work my way through every recipe in "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"?

I mean I could write about trying to live sustainably in an unsustainable world. In fact, I often do, but so do hundreds of others. I could write about my spiritual practice or my art or my city but none of that is new either. I could document the things I cook/eat/make/see/believe in any number of ways but I don't want to do so with the ultimate goal of winning. I don't want the pressure of needing this blog to be seen by thousands. I don't need this blog to make me rich, famous, sexy, wise, powerful or clever.

I've decided to embrace the anti-gimmick. Therefore, this blog proudly declares that it has no theme whatsoever, nor does it ever promise to be clever. This blog will not give you (or me) absolute gratification or a grand raison d'etre. This blog is not something to write home about or to quit your job over.

This blog is a glimpse into a particular world which is mine and which is likely only interesting to the five friends I have who read it because they love me. And you know, I like it as such. I am constantly bombarded with messages from our culture which tell me that I am not enough (usually so that I'll buy something) but here, in this world of my own creation, who is to say what is "enough"?

I am and I say...this is me: gimmick-less, powerful and free.


By the way, if you don't get the reference for this entry, you should watch this clip. Bump it with a trumpet baby.


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Oct. 1st, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
here's to gimmick less blogging, and welcome back sweetie.
Oct. 3rd, 2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
I love your gimmick-free blog. I, too, just blog about my life: nothing interesting or meaningful, and you know, I like it that way. Your blog is a pleasure to read, because I like you and therefore like your thoughts, too :D
Oct. 8th, 2010 09:52 pm (UTC)
You are perfectly enough for me!
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