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You don't want to miss the mystery...

Shhh! Not to be too mysterious, but there will be a new Witchcamp in New Hampshire this summer, maybe a one-time event, perhaps something that will happen again (it's a mystery!) We've been holding off with the announcement until now, not wanting to in any way interfere with Vermont Camp registration, but all signs and portents say it's time to send it out, so here goes. This is kind of a special-purpose camp, small and intimate, intended for advanced work and experienced practitioners. If you feel called to participate, or learn more, please contact either myself or Claudia Manifest (claudia@casachaos.net), and we'll be happy to send a registration form or answer any questions you may have. Hope to see you there! All the yummy details are

As Above, So Below -- A Four-day Intensive Mystery Camp

Location: The Hermitage, Claudia and Chelidon's home and land in West-Central New Hampshire (near Hanover-Lebanon, NH)
Date: Thursday evening July 22 through Sunday mid-day July 25, 2010
Cost: Sliding scale $165-$225, you decide where you slide
Facilitators: Claudia Manifest, Chelidon, Jen Byers, Katrina Hopkins

We have space for 20 participants, and expect the event to fill (first-come, first-served), so if you are interested, please contact Claudia Manifest (claudia@casachaos.net) as soon as possible for a registration form or with any questions.

Do you hear the call of mystery, and the deep desire to enrich your own magical practice and personal work? Are you willing to commit four days to intensively explore inner and outer mysteries with experienced teachers and fellow seekers?

This entire camp is a spell working with the intent of exploring mystery, which will be created through the work we do together in path, evening ritual, and each magical moment in between. We will use the chakras as a framework and foundation for the camp, weaving together the path work and evening rituals.

This will be an Intensive Camp experience, providing deep, intimate, advanced work for experienced practitioners. We ask that those who attend be familiar with Reclaiming-style magical practice and ritual participation. This camp is intended for adults, but older teens with prior magical experience, and accompanied by a parent or guardian are welcome.

Our time together will involve focused work in path and ritual, taught by knowledgeable teachers and intended for those who desire to delve deeply into mystery. We will have four path sessions and four evening rituals -- there will be time for active learning and quiet contemplation, to share story and song, for group magic and private walks in the woods, personal work, yoga or journaling. There will be wonderful food made with magic, love, and intention shared together around a single large table. There will be time for each of us to listen and learn, to share and experience mystery, and to create something new and powerful together.

Are you called to join us and create this magic?

Path descriptions:

The Outer Path: This path, taught by Claudia and Jen, will explore the Mysteries of the lower three chakras: Root, Sex, and Will. This will be a path of sensuality and physicality, of experiencing deep grounding and pleasure in touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. We will practice hearth and kitchen magics, walk the land and explore a local farmer's market to connect with that which feeds us physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will move and sing together, bake bread and make soups together, discuss how our practical everyday choices impact our ethics and our ability to practice magic in the world. We will delve deeply into our desires, finding our will and our willingness to make real change in our lives and the lives of those around us. Always, always we will be moving towards the Heart.

The Inner Path: taught by Chelidon and Katrina Messenger, we will start at the Crown chakra and work our way down to the Heart, opening and strengthening our connection to divinity and our divine godselves, exploring tools and techniques we can use to work with the deep mystery of the connection between the finite and the infinite. We will dive into the core, inner mysteries, learning to find the patterns, signs and truths where they lie hidden inside and beneath what is on seen on the surface. We will also delve deep into the mystery of spellcrafting -- what makes an effective spell, and why? What is the place of mystery in our work? What tools and techniques do we have to open more deeply to mystery and possibility, to Magic and Art, and how can we see, create and use those gateways to mystery in our lives?

Facilities include:

Main House with 3 1/2 baths, 2 kitchens, 1 large inside meeting room and large dining room with seating for 20+, 4 person hot tub in the greenhouse. Indoor and woodland showers w/ hot water.

A converted barn with large meeting space, comfy bunk beds for 20, running cold water, wood stove heat, 2 fancy composting toilets. 20 acres of wooded private land with 3 streams abutting thousands of wooded acres of preserve land.

Large open area for outdoor ritual with bonfire circle and space for campers should anyone wish to tent or car camp. Large open-side pavilion for outdoor ritual in rainy weather.

Please note the house has several cats and a dog, but the barn is pet-free.

Note: This camp will not be completely alcohol-free -- we plan to provide a glass of locally-produced hard cider as one beverage option for an evening meal, but we do maintain the expectation that attendees will not be chemically intoxicated for this work.

Teacher bios:

Chelidon: I am a devotee of the bardic arts, including the skills of word, rhythm, story and song. Wholly sacred to me is holding time and space for the infinite diversity of truths to be shared. I believe we each live and hold unique tales, and in sharing our stories through writing, drum, voice or other Art, we connect with our timeless human birthright and inheritance. My other loves include history and mythology, herbalism. brewing and alchemy, and art crafted with wood, metal, stone, chocolate or pixels. Most of my inspiration comes from the ferocious, lascivious beauty of nature, especially the wild woods of New Hampshire, where I live in intentional community with much-beloved family, children and friends, on deeply magical land we delight in sharing with others for workshops, classes and camps. I have been teaching in the Reclaiming tradition at Witchcamps and many other events for more than fifteen years, and pull my own spiritual and magical craft from a long diverse chain of heritage, study and practices.

Claudia Manifest is a Reclaiming initiate and a devote to Feri who strives to combine the knowledge to be learned from her Elders in the craft with the Wisdom she has gained from discovering and developing her own personal practices and magical arts. She has been teaching witchcraft at camps, intensives, workshops and classes for the past 15 years. She loves the practical, manifestation magics of creating, recognizing, and honoring the sacred in our daily lives. Her magical daily practice includes Iron Pentacle work, grounding, Time magic, Yoga, Tarot, child rearing and cooking; all as magical and intentional acts. Striving always to welcome in and acknowledge more beauty, balance, and delight in her life, this event she is excited to share, learn, and practice the Art and Craft of living a sensual, magical, grounded life with you all.

Jennifer Byers is a ethical hedonist who joyfully holds the paradox of being an actress/artist/urban witch. She currently makes her home in Chicago where she enjoys the city's vibrant offerings of art, theatre and music. Within the rush and noise of metropolitan living, she proudly carries the warmer, slower lessons of growing up in Tennessee. These lessons walk with her daily on dusty, bare feet, feeding her passion for sustainable living and magic. They whisper low of love, laughter and the honeysuckle sweetness of being present in our own lives. Jennifer is ever seeking to know herself, to be accountable in this world and to learn to grow a tomato that tastes even half as good as the ones they raise back home. As a teacher, she has been influenced by the Reclaiming and Feri traditions as well as the teachings of T. Thorn Coyle and Diana's Grove Mystery school. She values inclusive, experiential, multi-sensorial learning, which she weaves lovingly with creativity, ecstasy and devotion. She is also a proud member of TUTA Theatre Chicago (www.tutato.com).

Katrina Messenger, a full time shaman and Wiccan mystic, is the founder of the Reflections Mystery School. Katrina works extensively with mythology, dreamwork, ritual and trance as a means of self exploration, self healing and self evolution. Katrina believes that any attempt to change the external world must be paired with the inner work of a personal spiritual practice. Katrina uses myth, magick, and mystery to lead her students to greater well being and greater awareness of their unique gifts, abilities and talents. As a healer, teacher and priestess, she believes that everyone has a unique purpose and can walk the path of sacred vocation.


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Apr. 26th, 2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
this sounds lovely.
Apr. 27th, 2010 03:51 am (UTC)
I would love to go, because this sounds awesome. But I'll be at the Grove that weekend. :( I hope you all have an amazing time!
Apr. 27th, 2010 09:45 pm (UTC)
yum! juicy. Wish I could be there with you all.
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