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Mystery image...

So I'm supposed to be cleaning my house because I'm hosting a Knitting Workshop this weekend - but true to form I am procrastinating the inevitable. As I type however, I am washing laundry (and did stop by the grocery to get healthy grub for the week), which brings some balance (and clean socks) into my unconventional universe.

I have been studying Norse myth a lot lately, and am trying to develop a relationship with the runes. I have been reading a book that Tari loaned me: "Gods and Myths of Northern Europe" by H. R. Ellis Davidson and am enjoying it in a dry way.

I am very captured by Freya, and her relationship to Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte/Aphrodite/Venus. I found an image of her today on the web (attached) which I quite like - though to me it only portrays her sex/love/attraction attributes and does not show her to be the bad ass that she is. I am especially curious about this image because it feels like a Pre-Raphaelite painting to me (which is one of my favorite genres of art) - but I cannot find any references to the painter.

If anyone recognizes this piece, I'd love to know more. It is hard to see here, but is quite lovely as she poses wearing Brisingamen.


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