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Rules for Good Manners in the Modern World: Photo by Guedrius Suenis.

Hello all ~

Personally, I don't get all that excited about attending benefits, so I understand if you cringe at this post. But bear with me for a moment. If you enjoy hanging with bohemian types. If you like knowing that you make a difference in the world. If you live in the area and want to support local, innovative, subversive art in a way that is fun and painless, this is the benefit for you!

No dressing up. No sycophantic actors trying to fit their heads in your bum. No constant begging for additional donations or auction/raffle bids. This is actually a low-key, lost-cost night of relaxing and playing games with me and the Tutians (who are an amusing group, let me tell you). It's easy and it's all for a worthy cause...helping to pay for my wedding dress!

I'd love to see you there. Details are below. Feel free to contact me with any questions ~

We’re excited to invite you – friends and strangers -- to our upcoming celebration of The Wedding and our whole new season of engaging entertainment. We invite you into the party, whether you are familiar with TUTA already or a first-time visitor into our land. We provide a welcoming and humorous environment for traveling from the familiar into lesser known places, times and genres.

Here is how one audience member put it, “I love that TUTA provides an accessible challenge. In each show, I get most of what’s going on -- enough to thoroughly enjoy the experience -- but honestly there is always some part I am still wondering about days later. It’s a good stretch.”

So, save the date of Sunday, November 15 for the Engagement Party!

The evening will feature drinks, wedding-themed games -- for the married and unmarried alike! -- and the chance to informally meet members of TUTA. The event will entertain you while helping to support us, via a recession-friendly $20 admission at the door. Of course, you can help us out anytime with an online donation.

Below are all the party logistics. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Don't forget to bring your friends along! Use the button at the bottom of this post to share it with your favorite social media site or good old-fashioned email. While you're at it - make sure you stay up-to-date on TUTA events by joining our Facebook group or following us on Twitter.

What: An "Engagement Party" featuring drinks, wedding-themed parlor games, and a chance to meet our actors in an informal setting, all for $20

When: Sunday, November 15, 2009, 7pm.

Where: The Spot, 4437 N. Broadway, Chicago (easily accessible via Wilson Red Line stop and #78 Montrose, #36 Broadway buses - and since you'll be drinking and the parking can be difficult, you should really consider this option.)

Why: A portion of the proceeds will benefit TUTA, a theatre company known for marrying cultures, time periods and artistic expressions of all kinds.

Bonus: Get engaged now by donating online. ANY amount is appreciated! Help reach our goal of 100 donations by November 15th and we'll unveil a special thank you treat!

RSVP: Facebook Event ~ Direct Message on Twitter

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