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This is Dedicated to the One(s) I Love...

Last weekend I went to Indianapolis for the Commitment Ceremony of my dear muddyslush and J. It was my first visit to Indianapolis and my first time officiating a wedding, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had a pleasant ride up with tarirocks (TF) and G, who entertained us with a brilliant "1982" mix disc that made me feel somehow simultaneously old and...well...twelve. Why is it that I know every single word of a Journey song that is beyond cheesy and which serves to give me flashbacks of my second year of college (where my roommate and her boyfriend - who were VERY loud in bed - would only have sex to Journey's Greatest Hits.) That's right folks, when she took the midnight train, everyone in the apartment had to know about it.

But I digress...

Seeing muddyslush (TR) was a thrill and I'm not sure I even realized how much I've missed him until he was before me. It's one of those things that I try not to dwell on but there really is a hole in my world now that he's moved to Seattle. What matters though is that he's happy (and I am happy for him). That's what often happens in life with loved ones ~ we shift, we move, we change and we stay connected as best we can, carrying each other in our hearts. I will always think of TR as a Divine Twin and a spiritual partner.

Now TR was getting married, so I didn't get to have him all to myself (dang it!). We were all there to see he and J, who looked fabulous after their (almost) first full year out west. It was fun (and sometimes interesting) to meet family members and close friends of the couple and to get to see bits of their lives that were new to me.

The wedding was at TR's father's home, which was gorgeous. We arrived a bit late the first night (traffic, construction, ARG!) but the rehearsal was short and simple. We engaged in some napkin origami for a bit and then were treated to dinner at a nearby Italian spot. After a rich meal and even richer conversation, TF and I waddled off to find our hostel.

TF is one of those folks who makes travel easy. She's a research whiz/information junkie, so she arranged for a Zipcar, got directions to every location we would visit and scouted out a fabulous little hostel. I'll be honest, I would not have expected Indy to have a hostel (no offense to the Indy folks, but it's not on my list of glamorous vacation spots). Not only do they have a hostel - they have quite a sexy hostel which makes me wonder if there aren't more reasons to tour The Hoosier State. The hostel was a renovated home that was clean and comfortable (and much more to my preference than an industrial or corporate-feeling building). They noticeably prioritized eco-awareness/sustainability and supported the local arts scene (they displayed paintings by local artists and also appeared to offer house concerts with local bands). The staff member we met, Garth, was friendly and considerate. He had a delightful accent, was a charming panderer of tea and a fascinating model as to how you can use the word "right" to mean almost anything in conversation. I can't say enough nice things about the place - but I think you get my point.

The day of the event was a bit more stressful and I found that part of my role as officiant was to hold the energy of the whole day, reminding the grooms about delegation and self care. The yard (where the ceremony was held) was stunning. The flowers, autumnal roses and calla lilies, were strikingly lush against the as-yet-green of September around us. We worked together to get things in place and with so many hands it was light work. Before we parted, TR, TF, G and I cast a sphere to hold the blessings of the day. Many allies were invited in (after all, it was a special occasion) including the oh-so-dreaded mosquito (which was brilliant and which actually seemed to keep them from eating us alive that night).

TF and I rushed back to the hostel to get dressed (in less than half and hour, YIKES!) and arrived back just in time (or perhaps a bit late) for photos. I was given over half an hour of privacy to prepare so I was focused, present, aligned and purified when we started. I also had Freya holding my hand so I was not as nervous as I had been (or thought I would be).

The ceremony itself was lovely and moving. There was one hilarious moment when fate intervened with the musical choices, but otherwise, things went beautifully according to plan. During it all, I forgot about everyone watching and it very much became about something very intimate for TR and J which I had the good fortune to facilitate.

The reception after was great fun. I got wonderful feedback from many of the guests and got to relax with yet another amazing meal, tasty drinks (hello white peach sangria) and a delectable assortment of wedding cupcakes. After the sun had set the dancing began and I got to witness one of my favorite things in life: watching sexy TR shake his groove thang (wow, what a dancer that man is!). Later, as TF and I walked out into the dark to thank our allies and close the sphere, I was struck by the beauty of the stars above and of the candlelit dining tables with their glittering, Titian bouquets. I was euphoric on Freya-bliss, joyful for these two who had tied themselves into a nurturing knot within the fabric of love itself and just a wee bit sad that Seattle is so very far away.


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Sep. 17th, 2009 06:27 pm (UTC)
Yay! That picture of you is so gorgeous. I'm not sure what to say other than thank you thank you and I'm glad you had a great experience. :)

It's a lesson to remember that mosquitos, like all other demons, can be our allies when we welcome them with open hearts and offer specific requests. :)

Also, you are so wonderful and I miss you too. We'll be in touch for a long time, I plan.

Edited at 2009-09-17 06:41 pm (UTC)
Sep. 17th, 2009 06:55 pm (UTC)
What beautiful day. Thanks so much for sharing.
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