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Looking Back to July

This summer has been so busy and often I have not had time to share my adventures with you. I did want to look back to July, which was jam-packed but wonderful...

Early in July I made a trip to Michigan where I was invited by Trillium Reclaiming to teach Pearl. I had never worked with my co-teacher, H, and was a little nervous about us blending and finding our rhythm. Fortunately, we settled in quite quickly and I really enjoyed her, personally and professionally. She has an amazing knowledge base and I could have spent months trying to soak up brainy tidbits that fell from her like fertile rain. I also really loved getting time with the Trils again. They are a wonderful community and they spoiled us rotten! I had all the comforts I could ever want and the organization was beautiful. There was even a gift basket waiting on my bed (with local honey no less). I also got a bit of time with thegreencall, a dear one of mine, who treated me to a delicious vegan dinner, a lovely bottle of local mead and fabulous conversation. YUM!

A, M, m and myself, reflected in the blue glass of the Guthrie

Later in July I made my first visit to Minneapolis (Megabus...YAY!) where I was lovingly hosted by ippola (A) and family. It was a glorious trip; I got to see many beloveds and was very impressed with the city itself. There was a lot of green space, there seemed to be a commitment to community there and much more inclusion/honoring of diversity and alternative life choices. I was very impressed with the amount of ethical and/or vegan-friendly food that was available and again had to wonder why Chicago is so lacking in this area. I was also thrilled at the prodigious and unique art that is thriving there.

Saturday, A took me on a tour of The Guthrie Theatre (beautiful) as well as the Mill City Market. The market was divine and offered so much more than any Farmer's Market that I have visited here. I especially loved the dresses made from old flour sacks, the blueberry-garlic jam and the Earl Blue tea (Earl Grey with lavender) all of which were local, of course. A found delicate, orange zucchini blossoms there, which were breaded and cooked for us that evening (Italian style!).

We then spent a fascinating evening at the Bedlam theatre where we took in an outdoor fire show (great props, including fairy tale-like dresses made of flame) and a performance-art piece with two OUTSTANDING actresses (wish I could tell you more, but I don't remember their names and there doesn't seem to be any info about them on the Bedlam site). As if that weren't a full night, we then danced our asses off to a 30-piece circus punk marching band, Mucca Pazza (if you get a chance to see these folks - DO IT!).

The following day we went to the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts for their breathtaking exhibit: Sin and Salvation: William Holman-Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelite Vision. Pre-Raphaelite art is one of my favorite things in the world. I often love the poetic subject matter but it is the richness and saturation of color that makes my pulse leap and my skin tingle. It is rare to find all that much PRB art here in the states, so I was euphoric. The exhibit was small, but stunning and included not only Hunt's work, but works by Rossetti and Millais as well. Some of my favorite paintings are here,

The Lady of Shallott has always been my favorite of Hunt's paintings and to see it in person was a true gift. It is HUGE and has so much detail and symbolism (not to mention a delectable frame)...I could have spent days with this one. Long, long ago, when I went away to college, this was the first print I ever bought for myself and was the focal piece of my dorm room.

The Birthday (Edith Holman Hunt) ~ I loved Hunt's portraits. This one is of his second wife Edith, sister of his first wife who died in child birth. The fact that she is holding amber beads (which looked so real!) and wearing a peacock shawl made this one a favorite.

Il Dolce far Niente ~ Of course the detail in this one is awesome. I also love the interesting viewpoint seen from the mirror behind the model.

The Afterglow in Egypt ~ This one exudes so much abundance that wheat and grapes almost popped out of my ears at viewing it.

The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple

~ You can click on any of these to get a larger view...even so, I cannot do this one justice.

And a few pics from the rooftop of the Guthrie are

M, A and m...my lovely hosts

I cannot begin to list the wonderful moments I shared with folks that weekend. I have been struggling more and more lately with feeling very disconnected from people and it was blissful to feel so welcomed as though I were family. I believe that some doors opened while I was there that will guide my feet down new paths, expanding my mind, heart and spirit.

I cannot wait to go back.

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