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Drum roll please....

I know you are all dying with curiosity about my meme post yesterday, Two Truths and a Lie.

Drum roll please...

1. I once threw a temper tantrum and broke the windshield of my mother's VW bug.

TRUE: When I was 6, my parents were going through a really ugly separation and I was having big issues with it, which manifested in me throwing a tantrum when I got upset. I would usually lie on the floor and pound my legs and fists against it. My mother dealt with this by sitting on me until I could not breathe (*eye roll*). On this particular day, mom was trying to take me home from my grandmother's and I really didn't want to go home; home was a scary place. So I began throwing a tantrum in the front seat, drumming my feet on the windshield. Either I was a strong six year old - or VW windshields are pretty delicate.

You see, sometimes the Aries comes through.

2. I once received oral sex on my grandmother's washing machine (while it was running).

TRUE: I cannot recommend this activity enough. Seriously.

3. I once got caught smoking pot behind the theatre building at college.

FALSE: Okay, so I did do this - but I did not get caught. Many of you guessed as much. I had no idea I was so predictable!.


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