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Weekend update

I had a nice weekend and embraced having time to do with as I pleased. Given that our rehearsals begin this week, I savored every moment.
Saturday, a small group and I participated in the International Coastal Cleanup at North Avenue Beach, sponsored by the Alliance for the Great Lakes and launched in cooperation with the Ocean Conservancy, which coordinates the event world-wide.

It was a cool day on the beach, but sunny and clear. The four other folks that showed up are all folks I enjoy, so it seemed effortless (other than getting out of bed a bit too early for my tastes on a Saturday). According to the organizers, the event was a success with 85 volunteers who picked up 125 pounds of trash and 73 pounds of recyclables.

After the clean up, some of us went out to lunch at one of my favorite spots in Greek town, The Parthenon where we loaded up on garlicky goodness and discussed the things we are looking for in a spiritual community. Thus filled, three of us continued on for a visit to the Chicago Celtic Fest, completing a bit of an annual tradition by sipping Irish beers and loosing ourselves to the Uilean pipes at the Piper’s tent.

Outside of the Piper’s, I found the event rather lacking (even with the "Men in Kilts Contest").

The first year that Chicago had a Celtic Fest, I attended as a performer with my (then) theatre company, Ulysses. As you might guess from the company name, Ulysses did a lot of Irish Theatre (we named ourselves not only after the Greek traveler/hero, but also after Joyce’s novel), and so we were there doing some great excerpts from Samuel Beckett’s play, Waiting for Godot. Perhaps my memories are tainted by the excitement of performing there, but the event seemed much larger and richer in that first year. As time has passed, it seems (to me) to have shrunk and settled at a disappointing plateau. Given how large the Irish-American community is in Chicago, I don’t quite understand it (unless perhaps it is the $7 beers - YIKES!). Still, while there is some bad music to be heard there (I recommend avoiding the vocalist tent-*shudder*), there is a lot of amazing music as well - and it was nice to share some of that with friends.

Sunday I was bum. I knitted, and napped. I started Kushiel's Scion and napped. I did some gardening, and then went to bed early. My 5 planets in Taurus were so happy!

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