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Honk if you love muddy_slush

Happy birthday to muddy_slush, my birth-date-mate and divine twin!

I cannot tell you how much you are missed my dear, or how many times per week I have the following conversation:

Me: "....blah, blah, random thing, blah...Tony"
Other: *sighs with bittersweet smile on face* "Ahhh...Tony"
Me: *sighs in response and remembers...* "Yes, Tony"

I was trying to pick out a favorite memory of you today my dear and I cannot pick just one. I remember how we met in tarot class - how I introduced my Moon to your Hermit in the most crass of ways. I remember all the community work we did for ChiRe - all the joy, all the frustration. I remember, dearly, all our Feri work together (and remember you rocking' Thorn's "Vault of Heaven" chant until I almost wet myself). I remember getting lost with you and Thorn in the snow and eating at that crazy Elk-lodge place. I remember doing devotional dances with you at the park; the wind dancing with us and me thinking how lucky I was to be so comfortable with a spiritual partner. I remember how much you did to support me through the break up, how you moved almost all of my things, held me while I cried and gave me centered feedback from a compassionate but clean place.

I cannot pick one memory of you my dear...there are too many good ones.

SO HEY! LJ KIN! Do you have a memory of muddy_slush that you'd like to share to remind him how much he is loved? If so - post it to your journal or comment here. :)



Apr. 8th, 2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
I wish I was going too! And I'm looking forward to seeing you in July. It will be good! :-)

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