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A blog so yummy you could eat it!

I received a delightful invitation this week to be a co-author for a new blog: Magical Eating. This blog grew out of the Hearth Path work at Wintercamp 2009.

You may be thinking..."why Jennifer, how can you possibly talk about food even MORE?"...but it seems that I can and will.

Below I have pasted in the introduction post and intention, penned by Elfin. If you're interested I hope you'll join us there.

Much love and gratitude ~ Jen


Gather ’round the Hearth
February 25th, 2009

Welcome! Come, have a seat…

Our hearths and homes are our most intimate expressions of self; the seat of our magic and our values. We welcome our beloveds into these sacred places; we laugh, work, make love and share food together there...

All of the authors here share a common love in food, family, and magic and/or spiritual practice as central pieces of our lives. We each love to share that passion with others. I, and the rest of the authoring team, hope that you find a home and a place to be in community with us here.

- elfin

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