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Mystery School 2009

This is a wonderful leadership program so I thought I'd pass the registration information along...

***Mystery School Registration closes on February 28! This is the last week to register for a year of personal growth, leadership, and magic with Diana's Grove!***

Mystery School 2009: Atalanta

A story about the vows we make...to ourselves.
Mystery School is a year of monthly online packets, email discussion groups, on-line classes and a menu of weekend and week-long intensives to bring the material to life. Mystery School is a vital community committed to inclusion and healthy interactions. 2009 can be your year; a year for you to step into these mysteries and discover yourself. Mystery School will encourage you to be an active designer in your own becoming.

Whether you come to Diana's Grove in person or enter into the magic online, follow the call to become part of a community of seekers as we step into the mystery of personal and leadership development. Mystery School leads you into the mystery of being who you are and asks you to share yourself with others.
Your registration includes:

Moon Shadows: A journal in which to record your year.
A monthly packet, available online.
Our quarterly magazine, Between the Worlds
Email groups in which to discuss your work
Journey in Words, online writing classes
A menu of optional weeks and weekends

For more information about the story of Atalanta and registration, please visit: www.dianasgrove.com or call 573.689.2400.

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