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Workshop: Sex, Will and Magic

T. Thorn Coyle ~ Sex, Will and Magic: Opening to Life Power

A 2-day intensive March 7 & 8, 2009

Do you yearn to feel life force flowing through you?

Magic is the marriage of breath, will and desire. If our lives lack full access to any of these, our magic will not thrive. In this experiential workshop we will learn ways to tap the energy of life and sex, using this to strengthen our will and fuel our work.

Energy techniques, meditation and chanting will help us access life power, opening our lives to heightened awareness, energetic sensitivity, and a strong, magical will. Strength, love, and beauty will surely follow.
This workshop is open to anyone, no previous experience required. If you would like to bring more magic into your life, if you would like to open up the channels to your creativity, if you would like to access the life force that each of us has within us, please join us for this intensive.

Life Force Arts Center
3148 N Lincoln Av.
Chicago IL 60657

Dates and Times:
Saturday, March 7, 10am-9pm
Sunday, March 8, 10am-3pm
Admission: $125
Please also bring a bag lunch or an item for potluck.
Other things to bring: journals, simple art supplies, divination tool (cards or runes), a cup, and a pendulum.

T. Thorn Coyle

T. Thorn Coyle is a Magic Worker, Mystic, and Pagan. An internationally respected teacher and author, her work focuses on the alchemy that occurs when we open ourselves fully to our humanity in our quest for Divine knowledge. In combining art and science, magic and mystery, body and soul, practice and ecstasy, she has created a unique body of work that has touched the lives of many seekers, artists, activists, parents and other change-makers.

A student of the Craft for more than 25 years, she is an initiate of the Feri Tradition (her religious home), Reclaiming, and the Mevlevi Order of America. Thorn combines her esoteric studies, work with her Gods and Guides, and years of practice, to form a teaching that honors the fertile dark and the limitless light. Citing her primary influences as G. I. Gurdjieff and Victor and Cora Anderson, she continues her spiritual studies in many traditions.
Through individual spiritual direction, weekend workshops, tele-classes, and group study as well as her webblog and podcasts, Thorn provides insights on the multi-facets of our lives, from spiritual practice, mystic revelation, and personal awareness to politics, religious observance, and celebration. Musician, dancer, activist, poet, and author of Evolutionary Witchcraft, she makes her home near the San Francisco Bay.


For more information or to register, please contact Jennifer at greenjenbyers@gmail.com

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