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Spontaneous Vegetation...check it out!

This past October I had the good fortune to attend an Urban Foraging walk here in the city. It was a gorgeous, clear day and much of the city's green life was decked out in its final finery; a last hurrah of color, shape and texture to kiss summer farewell and open arms to autumn.

The walk was led by Nancy Klehm, a local artist and all around fascinating person whose workshops I have recommended before and likely will again. I was very impressed with the quality of the walk, with her knowledge and her ease of presentation. She's someone I could follow around for 5 years, soaking up skills, lore and laughter.

Nancy just launched a new website, Spontaneous Vegetation if you'd like to see more about her work and ongoing projects. She offers some amazing Living Kitchen workshops that not only honor our connections to food, our bodies, the planet and each other - but also recognize the art of food and drink. Nancy considers the impact of food choices without guilt or shame and celebrates the sensual delights of gustatory adventuring. For a green-foodie like me, her work is divine and I plan to take more of her classes to nurture my food activism/sustainable living efforts. I'm also going to try to catch more of her foraging walks and hope to see the city's wild buffet as it thrives in spring and summer.

If you visit Nancy's site (and I hope you will, even if you're not local) you can catch a video podcast from Sky Full of Bacon which features Nancy and veggie-chef, Art Jackson, foraging on the south side. Nancy's bit starts about 5 minutes in and (I think) gives a nice sense of what it's like to be out hiking and snacking with her.


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