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Burning Man...

This year the theme of Burning Man is "The Green Man", which has fed some fascinating green creations, art, structures and ideas. Black Rock City seems amazing to me; the temple is gorgeous, the tree house and environmental film dome are awesome, the mutant vehicles and wandering artists seem magical and unique. So much imagination, and with a green theme...I wish I could be there!

Since I cannot, I watched some footage about this year's Man on TV Free Burning Man via Current TV. There are also some great panoramas of art and installations at The Las Vegas Sun site.

TF and I talked about trying to go to the Man next year. I'd enjoy the challenge of bringing everything we need to live for a week, and leaving no trace when we leave. I'd love to get to talk to lots of folks whose lives and values aren't defined by the mainstream and I'd love to take in the wonders. I don't know if I'd enjoy it as much with a different theme. Who knows what adventures we'd step into...perhaps a trip down the rabbit hole is in order.


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Sep. 5th, 2007 09:15 pm (UTC)
I'm thinking of going with arianadawnhawk. I'm not sure what year it would be, though. That's cool that you are interested! With the fire stuff I do, I've got connections with Chicago burners, and could put you in touch with people.

And, if you ever want to learn basic fire spinning beforehand, let me know. ;-)
Sep. 5th, 2007 10:29 pm (UTC)
Burning Man
Thank Ryan! I figured you would be hip on Burning man. It seems right up your alley. Does Ari spin too?

While I love the fire and the spectacle of the event, it is really the alternative/self-made culture, the survivalist aspects and the edginess/daring of the event that attract me. Of course this year's theme (green man) was right up my alley as well, making it all that much more appealing.

I am really, really interested in "Burners Without Borders", which is a more socially conscious/activist outreach branch of the Burners. Do you know any folks involved with that work, or do you know any Burners who might introduce me to those folk? I am doing some social/environmental work on my own, but really want to do some of that work with people. I want to be a part of a community that prioritizes that work and is excited about it - and am finding that Reclaiming is not providing that outlet for me.

I would be oh so grateful to meet some new folks who may have some common interests and values. This is a big hole for me right now, and I feel a real lack of kindred spirits.

Thanks so much, Love - Jen
Sep. 5th, 2007 11:15 pm (UTC)
Re: Burning Man
No, Ari doesn't spin fire. (She has expressed interest in fire eating; not sure on spinning. We just haven't done anything with it yet.) She just wanted to go to Burning Man. This has been a desire of hers since before we got together, so it's quite a cool coincidence.

The things you mention really appeal to me as well. Reading about Burning Man, I'm pretty impressed at how much work and thought goes into it, i.e. packing food so as to reduce garbage volume, seeing as you are responsible for taking back everything you bring, and technologies such as greywater evaporators for showers and dishwater.

The harsh physical conditions do concern me. You've seen the tent I take to WitchCamp, yes? I have no idea how something like that would fare at Burning Man. It is impervious to rain, but that's not exactly a problem in Black Rock City. ;-) While it has survived some scary wind storms at the Grove, I get the feeling that it is nothing compared to the Burning Man wind storms.

I guess I do put up obstacles. Burning Man is for artists, and I don't do the kinds of art appreciated there. Etc. But... it's just so cool!

I'm on mailing lists where compression / decompression parties are announced. I've heard of Burners Without Borders, but not much specifics.

I can put you in touch with a local community organizer who I think would be a great resource for you. She is well connected. OK for me to forward your name/e-mail?
Sep. 6th, 2007 03:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Burning Man
Yes Ryan, I would love it if you could pass my name and email to your Burner friend. That would be a great gift to me. Thanks so much!
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