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Damn...I taste good.

I haven't been posting much these days. I have much that I'd like to share, but very little time to do so. It might seem trivial therefore that I would choose to create a post about lip balm - but I am.

Watch me...

I don't do much shopping these days outside of procuring groceries. Unless I really, really need something - I try not to buy much (especially new items). I do however buy hygienic products (for which I'm sure you're all very glad) and my favorite place to do so is LUSH. Yes, they are corporate (and not cheap) - but I really like their values (reduced packaging, organic/fair-trade/vegan/bio-degradable products, diverse advertising, no animal testing, handmade products, community support, etc.) One of our local stores collects used LUSH containers and gives them to schools for art projects and more (and will give you freebies for bringing those empties back). They tend to have good customer service but most of all I like their stuff (and much of it does what it promises to do).

LUSH informs folks about the impact of packaging on the environment with their "Naked Truth" campaign

You astro geeks out there will recall that 50% of my natal chart is ruled by Venus...so I cannot help but love things that make my skin soft and make me smell pretty (non-astro geeks can commence with the eye-rolling now). That being the case, this year I decided that a visit to LUSH would be my holiday treat to myself. I picked up some moisturizer and shampoo and since we are in the after-Christmas sale/give-away frenzy, they gave me a free lip balm called Let Them Eat Cake. I must tell you, this lip balm is delectable. Besides keeping my lips protected against the Chicago elements, it has left me tasting of vanilla, currants, sultans, orange and lemon. It's like I have a happy, dancing, (vegan) figgy pudding on my face (in a good way).

And so in summary, if you bathe and are a greenie...you might want to give LUSH a glance some time (or not, your mileage may vary). Regardless, let this be a reminder for you today: Smile, take a breath, reach out and KISS SOMEBODY! (you never know who might be right next to you and tasting of the divine...)


Dec. 29th, 2008 08:53 pm (UTC)
I hadn't been to a LUSH store in forever, but there was one just down the street from our hotel in San Francisco. Divine. I have two coveted bath bombs sitting upstairs awaiting use. Yumm.
Dec. 29th, 2008 09:55 pm (UTC)
Nice! Enjoy those baths my darlin'...you deserve relaxation and pampering.

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