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I cannot help but feel joy today given yesterday's victory. It's been interesting to see all of your posts these past couple of days and I am reminded how much I am fed by sharing time and ideas with people who care about the world and take responsibility for their place in it. While I was not in Grant Park with the crowds last night, Obama's speech there was no less impactful for me. It drew my thankful tears and more importantly, it sparked a renewed drive.

In this year I have been very inwardly focused and with good reason. I have made a lot of personal changes and to do that, I needed to pull back some of the energy that I was giving to community. Of course I write that knowing that it is an excuse as well. While I did need internal focus in these past months, I also stepped back from communal action because I felt burned out, disappointed and bitter that I always seemed to be fighting against the tide even among "like-minded" groups. Voices told me time and time again that I expect too much, from others and from myself, and I wondered if perhaps those voices were right. I've been licking my wounds...and, well...pouting a bit too.

Today the sun shines, illuminating a spectrum of possibility and I find myself eager to step out of the personal sphere I have held so close. I find myself wanting to make plans, to gather hearts, to build a new kind of community. I find myself wanting to give those negative voices the finger! Yes, my expectations will likely be disappointed again (and again, and again). Yes, every green workshop/gathering/action I've co-created and offered in this town has been ill attended or canceled due to lack of interest. But I'm still alive and breathing the truth, beauty and passion of this work and no one can stop me but me.

While R&J will keep me busy into December, I am excited about projects that I'd like to share with others come January and about the food activism and sustainable hearth work that we'll be doing at Wintercamp in February. I'll be meeting with our landlords next month to lay down the plans for next year's food garden (with which we hope to get more neighborhood involvement). I'm pushing for chickens in the back yard this year (wish me luck) and tarirocks and I are hoping to do some community/guerrilla gardening on our block.

There are so many things that we can share and so much we can achieve together; so many ways we can reconnect to the earth, to each other, to ourselves and the divine. We don't have to continue to live as we do today (in fact we cannot) and what might seem to some to be "sacrifice" could in fact be joyous work which draws us together and reminds us of a quality and richness that we have thrown away in favor of disposable convenience encased in plastic.

I believe that if we want change, we cannot sit back and wait for one man or one team of people to make it and hand it to us. It is time to step up, to do more, to take the hand of the stranger next to me as we walk proudly into the fray. I am rolling up my sleeves. I am ready.

Who's with me?

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