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There is an amazing person in Chicago who offers fascinating workshops that I thought might be interesting to some of you. Her name is Nancy Klehm, and I attended one of her urban foraging walks a few months ago. I cannot recommend her work highly enough. She's highly knowledgeable and skilled, she communicates well in a way that helps information stick in your mind; she's funny, kind and very open minded.

While my show schedule will most likely prohibit my attending any of these events, I'm passing them along. If you attend one - I'd love to have coffee at some point to hear about what you leaned (I wanna learn how to make my own feta!!!)



living kitchen/URBANFORAGE workshops

Sunday, November 2, 2-4pm: URBANFORAGE - medicinal and edible forage walk
Wednesday, November 12 6-10pm: RAW MILK CHEESE 2 - learn how to make mozzarella and feta
Wednesday, November 19 6-9pm: WILD SOURDOUGH & CRACKERS - learn how to make starters for bread and crackers


12th NOV, wednesday 6-10pm - $100 ($40 mailed deposit due nov 8th)
RAW MILK CHEESE 2 – mozzarella & feta
renneted cheeses are a whole different ball of milk! we are using local raw milk and to be sire, you will be taking home some of both cheeses.

19th NOV, wednesday 6-9pm - $60 ($20 mailed deposit due by nov 15th)
wild starters, bread and cracker making basics
learn different methods of attracting wild yeast and walk home with a loaf of bread and a bag of crackers.

** price includes all materials, tastings, light meal and take homes **

all classes are for 6-10 participants, and are held at 2446 south sawyer, chicago. 60623 (If more than 10 register, we will move to another location.)

more info: nettlesting@yahoo.com 773.762.0277


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Oct. 30th, 2008 12:54 am (UTC)
Thanks! Someday I'll be out in Chicagoland and be able to attend one of the events you post. They all sound so so cool!
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