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One backpack for the rest of your life.

I don't usually offer product recommendations, but I have to give a nod to Eastpack, maker of packs and bags.

I bought a backpack from them in 1999 which came with a lifetime warranty. I then lived out of said backpack (never changing bags in all that time), punishing it as only someone with 5 planets in Taurus can. Though sturdy, my adventures put it to the test and this spring one of the straps broke.

I contacted Eastpack and asked about the warranty (I had saved my receipt) and they got back to me right away and asked me to return the pack to them (sans receipt, they don't require proof of purchase to fulfill the warranty). They explained that they will always try to repair a bag first before replacing it (yay sustainability!).

They just called me because they want to replace my pack rather than repair it (when I say I used it hard, I mean HARD) and no longer carry that exact model. They questioned my preferences and are sending me a new pack which will continue to have a lifetime warranty.

It's nice to know I will never ever have to purchase a new backpack. If you're looking for a pack or bag, I highly recommend them.



Jun. 25th, 2008 09:29 pm (UTC)
The potato was a key feature of my bag when I was living in Minneapolis and interning at the Children's Theatre there. My income was less than my expenses, and most of my food at the time consisted of microwaved potatoes, supplemented by the big pot of chunky tomato sauce I made once a week. There were usually a few potatoes in the bag just in case.

The mirror and peacock oil go along with this trimester's Work: above and below. The oil was the product of some serious Peacock work with kittenpants in Kansas City last week. I should really post about that soon -- we were beautiful and inspiring =)

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