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Great Weekend...

I had a lovely weekend, despite having to swim through it - thanks to the humidity.

I attended a wonderful workshop: Money: Our Stories, Its Shadows, facilitated beautifully by muddy_slush and blue_sky_48220. It was a good afternoon of work, graced by rich company and sweet winds and rain.

I also was generously taken to see The Sparrow Quartet at The Old Town School of Folk Music. I haven't been to Old Town since I stopped taking fiddle lessons, and I didn't realize how much I missed the place.

I was not familiar with The Sparrow Quartet, but from what I read - they seemed to be a real musical adventure and right up my alley. I must admit, I was not disappointed...

The group features some amazing talent, and musicians who to me, seem to play well outside the box: Abigail Washburn, Béla Fleck, Casey Driessen and Ben Sollee. It is no wonder then that they have come together to blend threads of American folk/bluegrass and traditional folk music of China into a tapestry that is vibrantly unique.

Now I will admit that the Chinese language does not sit comfortably in my ear. I'm a sucker for foreign language, and often melt a bit upon hearing them spoken (especially Italian...purrrrr), but not so with Chinese. Therefore the songs without english lyrics fascinated me...but they're not something I'll be popping onto my mp3 player to enjoy again and again.

Some songs were "keepers" for me though, and again the evocative and innovative journey laid out before us by these four was truly astounding.

If you'd like the get a taste of them, you can try the links below (they take a moment to load).

Overture, which is actually a sampling of the songs on their self-titled album. I think this gives a nice glimpse of the diversity of their sound.

My favorite tune of the evening was Oh Me, Oh My, which is tickling around my memory and won't leave my inner ears alone. I also really liked Captain.

I hope you'll give them a try and dabble in a little musical sojourn...

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