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I don't get it...

So I've been doing a lot of time on ye olde Live Journal lately. Not writing posts (as you may have noticed) - but looking around at what others are up to and trying to notice what they use LJ for. There seems to be a lot of variety - from profound musings, mysterious poetry and original art to the banal...it all seems to be out there.

(switching thoughts now...but I swear it is related) Currently, I am reading and enjoying Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappé.

In the book, Lappé brings out a theme which is not new; that the majority of our society has moved far away from the practice and values of communal living, and deeply into a mechanistic worldview which idolizes autonomy and individual gain or well-being (or that's a point I'm projecting here). This shift has led to no end of dysfunction and disease which impacts our society on every level, as well as the planet.

I am trying to see my place in this issue, to be aware of the power of my choices and to know my ability to bring change. I am continuing to try to be more present in my interactions and relationships, intimate and casual. I have been buying produce from local farmers and eyeballing every item in the grocery store to try to ascertain its history...hoping against hope that I can eat local in Chicago (something which is very challenging and frustrating). I've been having more honest conversations with my co-workers where I actually talk about what matters to me...trying to make it all count.

Yet I feel more removed and disconnected from others than I have in a very long while.

And now I am trying to wrap my head around all these new-fangled ways in which we are trying to connect to one another. I have received a barrage of emails over the past year or so...visit my live journal, come hang out on MySpace, see a clip of me doing something on YouTube. We've got tribes, we've got yahoo lists ad nauseum...not to mention email, cell phones and snail mail.

Are we so desperate to connect to one another that we have to create cyber space after cyber space to do so? And if we're connecting on line - why aren't we doing so in person (assuming we don't live far away from each other). Is there something we're not getting from actual human interaction - or are we just hooked on graphics? Can we more easily show others what we want them to see, or pretend to be someone else entirely - or can we actually be more honest? Yes, we can see pics of each other, share links we find interesting, reveal our poetic thoughts and still, are we connecting?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy knowing what folks I love are doing and thinking. I guess I'm just whiney because I'm feeling disconnected. Venus is retrograde until Sept. 9th, and with 6 planets ruled by Venus - it's bound to throw a person off...right?

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