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What a gift...

This past weekend was the closing of "It's Only the End of the World", and I want to thank all of you who came out in support. Old friends and new, I was honored that you saw my work and I cannot tell you what it meant to me. Among you beloved and wonderful were four amazing kids...errrmmm - adults now, who came to see the final show; Charlie, Katie, Julia and Amanda. I had not seen any of them in years, and their attendance was a total surprise and shock to me.

I originally met these four folks when they were in grade school because they opted to take a 10-week Shakespearean acting class that I created and produced for Ulysses Theatre Company. For whatever reason(s), these four (and several other kids) really liked the program and so they kept coming back year after year, up to and while they were in high school. Because of this I got to watch them grow and mature, and began to feel (rightly so, or not) that I was some small part of their lives.

Of all the things that I have done in my life, creating and manifesting that program is something of which I am the most proud. I can't say why. I certainly didn't shape these young people (though their parents were very kind this weekend and expressed some lovely ways in which they felt I did have an impact)...these kids were stellar to begin with, and if anything, they shaped me and helped me to grow into the woman that I am today.

All I know is that my heart swells when I look back on those classes, and to see four of the people I loved most from those days...all grown up and fascinating...well it made my year. I see them, and I know that love does make a difference in the world. I see them and I'm not so scared for the future of this planet after all.

This last show was a joy and I am sad that we've closed, but I'm also grateful for all that I learned, for the new friendships I built and for the multitudinous gifts that I received through the process.

May your winter dreams shine bravely in the darkness...

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