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I’ve been on this trip a while now,
takin’ in America, takin’ in myself.
From Tennessee, then coast to coast,
a pilgrimage's been workin'
but the sacred sites are all in here babe.

I’ve been riding with the windows down,
even in the rain.

Sometimes I pass me on the road,
ponytail whippin’ in the wind,
cigarette smoke marking where I’ve been
and I think of throwing out the detour signs
but then I wouldn’t get here babe.

I’ve been riding with the hard top gone,
even in the shade.

I’ve left behind a town or two
where I was who I was (but am not now).
Oh they might quote me in the papers,
spit my name into the dust,
but they can’t catch me babe, can’t even say my name.

I’ve been riding with the headlights on,
even in the day.

‘Cause nobody walks like me, talks like me,
tastes, smells, sighs like me.
Nobody feels like me in the dark of night
or fights like me with all this might
and I take pride. I’m gonna learn to love my skin.

I’ve been riding with pedal pressed,
even through the pain.

You know, this highway is only mine.
Behind this wheel, my gods breathe free.
I’ve found my way right off the map,
towards that me I’m gonna be.
Kiss the porch light babe. I’m comin’ home.



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Apr. 28th, 2011 03:05 am (UTC)
Love it!
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