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Summer in Chicago

It is poetry month and I have been looking back through my old writings. I enjoyed biting into old works like "Memory" and "October"; rolling them around in my mouth to see how they taste these days. I decided to post some oldies that I had not before...reuse, recycle and all that. :)

July Sun

July sun-throb…pushes, pulses;
heavy rhythmic hand pressing hot concrete.
Mindless and merciless it swallows,
receiving me from cool, steel caves.

Breath and sweat evaporate on impact;
stuns me with its great white slap.
In a moment I am burned primal,
reduced to salt water and the scent of survival.

Snow memories push me further.
Ice taunts mock my sluggish feet.
I tilt a brazen kiss upward to the fire sea
and feel the lick of its ephemeral beauty.

Though my body rushes, glistening.
Pushes through wet crowds to return to safety.
Though my skin warns and reddens,
pushing brown paladins to the surface…

A part of myself lingers,
sliding slowly to the hottest, flattest rock;
Travel dancing miles of serpentine spirals
that wreathe themselves in slippery sounds of sinuousness.

A luxurious stretch upon stone sheets,
I arch and wrap inferno close.
Solar dreams scatter into silver ashes
and transformation rings a cool blue note.

It is time to move into tomorrow.
So I glide, newly green, towards purple shade.
Singing songs of living summer, I leave.
Abandoning smoking silk that once wore my shape.

July, 2006


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