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"America the Beautiful"...wow

Tonight, Tari invited me to a free screening of a documentary called America the Beautiful, a film by Darryl Roberts. Lucky for me I accepted, and so I got to see what I feel is a very moving and important new film.

I am up late at night, caught between inspired and enraged, and my thoughts are certainly provoked. Obviously I'm excited by the film, I'm updating my live journal so pigs must be flying by all of your windows. I came home wanting to email the world and say "you must see this film", but hesitate for just a moment because I would not call the film perfect. Roberts comes at many important issues but does so from a very heterosexual perspective, which (to me) reduces his impact and the truth of his message. After all, I think these issues are much larger than the hetero community alone, and therefore this unsettling picture is even bigger and more present than this film would seem to portray.

I also had some mild issues with some artistic aspects of the work; the narrator (Roberts himself) has a style that I didn't care for at first (though he grew on me). He also seems fond of using a technique which washes the color out of a shot or scenes so that things are very white and a lot of detail is lost - and I found that distracting rather than enhancing. But the messages and information of this film lessened the impact of those things for me, and besides, it was entertaining and quick paced.

I hope people see this film. I hope we can recognize, more and more, the dangerous choices of the American government and media and I hope we can make conscious choices of our own free will. I'm for rejecting the bullshit and loving ourselves and each other genuinely.

*Jennifer steps off soap box now*

For more details about this film, visit:



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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 20th, 2007 02:38 pm (UTC)
Winged pork...
Hehehe...I know it was strange to post after so much time. I have issues with LJ because I feel like my life is pretty boring. But I know I like checking up on you and my few other friends - so I might make an effort to keep it up a bit more (though I make no deep promises).

It was a very impactful film - if you get a chance to see it (rent it, whatever) - I think you would be glad that you did.

I love ya - Jen

P.S. I promise to send out some Freya planning later today.
Jul. 20th, 2007 02:08 pm (UTC)
I hadn't heard of this movie, so thanks!

Also, it's WONDERFUL to find a post from you — two actually! — on my Friends page!!!
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